Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Coming up: Tokyo Fashion week

Tokyo Fashion Week is coming up, and I am really excited. I've been looking forward to this for over a year. I love fashion, but my home town Boulder is a fashion black hole. It is more popular to go to school in your PJs, than to look like you have any idea of style.

I don't like to spend money on clothes ( I don't have the money to spend). But I love clothes, love shoes, but most of all I love makeup. I have extremely pale skin, and a dramatic hair color, I can easily look dark and brooding, or fresh faced and innocent. It's a hobby of mine, and one of the few I was able to bring with me to Japan.

Japan is an outstanding place for street fashion. There are amazing looks in a huge range. The most common look is an innocent femminine look, but sprinkled throughout the population are your punks, your lolitas, your cosplayers, and the art of mixing plaids. The way Japanese girls mix textures, patterns, and neutrals is an art. There is a purpose to the looks around me, other than the "I don't even have to try, to be hot" look.

The fashion magazines are addictive here, I never buy them, because frankly no one cares if you stand in a convenience store for half and hour and read an entire magazine, everyone does it. They give amazing run downs of how to put together a look. My favorite are the street style magazines that are organized into sections: First clothes, then shoes, then makeup, then nails, then hair. I can't read any Japanese, but you really don't need to in the fashion magazines.

I also like reading some of the Tokyo fashion Blogs, my favorites are:
Japan Streets
Tokyo Fashion

They tend to focus on more of the lolita and cosplay style stuff, but those are more interesting in a photo setting anyway. They are a minority, and these guys capture only the best, but I think that they're great blogs for spying on Japanese Fashion.

Fashion week takes place in Shibuya the week of the 15th, There hundreds of events, fashion shows, installations, and exhibitions  I don't honestly quite understand how everything works, but I'm excited. I think just the energy in Shibuya will be phenomenal.
More information:
Tokyo Fashion Week

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