Friday, October 12, 2012

Shrimp Chips

Every country has it's own unique range for chip flavors. In Russia I had pickle flavored chips, in Brazil I had Chicken. I've had tomato flavored, worcestershire, haggis, and sea weed flavored chips in my wonderful adventures around the world. The one flavor of chip I have seen in every country, other then America has been shrimp chips. Sea food flavored chips are popular all over the world, but are rarely found in the states. 

I think it's an excellent chip flavor. They taste like cheetos, but not orange, which is a good thing. I particularly like fried puffed chips that they serve in restaurants, they are starchy, greasy, and slightly shrimpy, a perfect bar snack.

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  1. I'm looking for something similar to these but they're onion, garlic, etc.. flavored. They were dehydrated chips that you drop in oil and fry quickly. They come out fluffy and have the consistency of cheetos. They were different colors for different flavors. It's probably been over 50 years that my aunt used to buy them. Does anyone have any idea what they were called or where to buy them?


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