Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Kelly!

My sister and dad had their birthdays recently. Although I still have no ideas for a gift for my dad I have found my sister her gift. 
My sister asked for a gift that was so cute it was scary, and I found it. 
It came from a store so pink, your eyes had to adjust before you could enter. The store clerk looked like he rarely saw the light of day, and instead spent every waking hour making his ultimate creations of cuteness. 
The creation I found for Kelly is a Korirakkuma. An iconic bear that is seen everywhere in Japan. This one is decked out in a tutu, bows, angel wings, bows, crystals, and it's own teddy bear. It has enough shiny on it to only slightly damage your eyes. 
It is absurd.

I will send it to her soon, but for now she will have to just know that I have her absurdly awesome gift waiting with me here in Japan.


  1. you're the best big sister! that thing is so cute it's stupid. Just like me.

  2. We got dad a banjo! It came with a funny lady with a southern accent video.
    Love, Momma.


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