Monday, July 2, 2012

Beer Train …Chug(a), Chug(a), Chug(a)

Last Friday Ben and I did the Fujiyama beer train. It was very fun.

You buy a round trip ticket for a train ride, and get on a car. Once the train starts you have the duration of the train ride to drink as much beer as you want. People brought food onto the trains, their were bingo games, and there was all the fun drunken debauchery that goes with all-you-can-drink beer.

Now you might wonder why you should get drunk on a train, as opposed to a more stationary drinking hole.
  1. The scenery is constantly changing
    1. This means you always have new topics
  2. You will not be judged for your drunken stagger
    1. No one can tell if you can’t walk because you’ve had too many beers or because you’re on a train
  3. No smoking
    1. Japanese bars can be hard to breathe in, but on a train, no-one is allowed to smoke
  4. Bathrooms
    1. There are no bathrooms on a train, there are however bathrooms during the 15 minute stop you make, this means you get your business done, and get out, everyone has to go, and the train will leave you behind
      1. This sounds like a drawback, but the time limit makes you get back to the fun part
The whole excursion sounds like a frat boys fantasy, and it was boisterous and fun. Most of the participants were in their forties, yet another reminder that people never actually grow up... they just get better at convincing kids that they're mature. 

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