Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Japanese School Interior

Japanese schools are very different from American schools in many ways; Japanese schools don't use energy to heat or cool the schools, Japanese schools are cleaned by the students, and the teachers all share one big office where they get most of there work outside of the classroom done.
The asthetic of Japanese schools are much more subdued compared to american schools. Elementary schools in America had walls covered floor to ceiling in decorations, childrens projects, and what ever anyone could think of. Japanese schools are very organized, the classrooms are much less decorated. Before I am accused of calling Japanese classrooms drab, I must mention the windows, wall sized, stilmulating windows. 8 year old me is so jealous. I remember as a kid I use to bargain with myself. I would give up a week of summer vacation if I could see out the window everyday. In my entire American schooling, I never had a class with sufficient windows.

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