Saturday, June 30, 2012


Hydrangea in Japanese is Ajisai

June is hydrangea season here in Japan. The bushes are bursting with colors, their are hidden groves of wild hydrangea along he mountain sides, everywhere you go their are hydrangea. There is a famous hydrangea garden near Ben and I, in the city of Otsuki. The garden is surrounding Saruhashi bridge. Over 3000 hydrangea plants were planted in this garden. The garden looks mostly wild, it is not weeded, and the path is muddy, and difficult to walk on. It's the perfect blend of hiking, and flower viewing.

Natures own bridal bouquet

I wish I could have taken my mom to this garden. It was a bit out control, very eclectic, and the garden did not try to overcome the land it was being grown on. It was absolutely stunning. One of my moms favorite flowers are hydrangea, and she enjoys the blue ones the best. The combination of the landscape, flowers, and river made it a perfect day for Ben and I. 

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