Thursday, April 5, 2012

500 Stairs and Unbelievable Kindness

Ben and I have moved in. Moving is exhausting, and we haven't gotten much sleep, so I'm not going to write much now.

I know I'm going to get fit here, because I will be walking to school everyday. Ben and I near the top of a mountain, almost everything is down hill from us. It is incredibly steep, so most of the walking paths are made out of stairs. My shortest walk home is and 18 minute walk up 500 stairs. I need to get in shape quickly because that walk is absolutely exhausting.

I love this town. The people are unbelievably kind. The view is fantastic. It's going to be great. 
I really can't believe how kind people are here.Today I was walking around town, trying to get my bearings so that I don't get lost. This man who is in the town's Conversational English Club pulled over and started speaking to me in English (his english is very good). I told him that I had just moved here, and was starting work tomorrow. He was very excited for me. He was an exceptionally kind man, he owns a used appliance store, and he told me that he would let me borrow the appliances for one year, free of charge, and at the end of the year I would bring them back to him. His appliances weren't that expensive, and I would have happily paid the price, but he insisted that I should not pay, and that he thinks it is important for us to enjoy our stay in Uenohara. I met many people today, and many of them invited me to dinner, or out to drinks, or just to come by to practice my Japanese any time. They were all very insistent, and I am very pleased to oblige, I feel so welcome and happy.

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