Friday, March 8, 2013

It's not too Late

Ben and I have had an amazing adventure, and I hope some of you will be sharing your own soon.
For those of you who are interested, this is the perfect time to find a job in Japan. The next school year starts in April. Many people, like Ben and I, will be returning home. Others will be moving on to new careers, everyone is hiring.
Japan is Awesome!

Here are a few tips on what to look for when searching for a job in Japan.
1. Visa sponsorship- it is nearly impossible to get a Japanese Visa without company sponsorship.
2. Full time-Japan is very expensive, and if you want to travel you'll need to work full time. Many people who have lived in Japan for a while can make a lot more money signing private contracts. While this sounds appealing, Japanese proficiency is required, as well as a visa, and some hard searching.
3. Transportation- Make sure the company mentions transportation prices, it is not standard for them to pay them, but companies that don't discuss costs might ask you to make long commutes on your own dime. Discuss the time and money you will be required dedicate to transportation.

Perks to not overlook
1. Housing- If a company has housing they can put you in, take it, these might be furnished, and will likely be very cheap. It is next to impossible for a foreigner to rent an apartment on their own.
2. Insurance- Insurance isn't expensive in Japan, but it is fairly standard for companies to pay it for you.
3. Training-A good company will train you, a bad company won't care.
You could rent this...Maybe
Here's somethings not to worry about
1. Certifications- Many of the best companies want experience or certifications, but most companies just want you to be an English speaking college graduate.
2. Location- The more flexible you are the easier time you will have finding a great job.
3. Planning- Japanese school systems do things at the last minute, if a company says your hired, you'll likely have to sit tight while the hash out the details (it is smart to research your company online to see if it gets any bad reviews).


  1. Just one correction: Transportation. It is part of Japanese labor law that the employer cover transportation costs.

  2. Yeah, this chick knows 0 about Japan.

    First three years in Japan, you'll think you know everything. After 10 years in Japan you'll realize you know nothing. But as a worker in Japan, you should know the labor laws if you don't want to get screwed by your employer. They MUST pay for transportation.


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