Sunday, February 10, 2013


I'm 25 years old, I'm not really sure what that means. I don't think anyone knows what it means to be a 25-year-old. I have no idea what I'm doing, but I really feel like I should.

Last night Ben and I made the conscious decision to make the stupid choice. Ben's friend Sam had a birthday in Tokyo, and we went knowing full well that we would not make it home that night, and decided to make the most of it.
My Battle Paint

Sam's party was really fun. He booked a Tabe-nomi-hodai (all you can eat, all you can drink) at a restaurant in near Takadanobaba station in Tokyo. The food was excellent, and the staff was nice enough to to make sure I had enough to eat (accommodated my dairy allergy).

There were so many interesting people at the party. Not only is Sam a fun guy to know, he has a knack for surrounding himself with interesting people. Sam is an avid YouTube vlogger, he's been in Japan for a long time, and has a lot of very interesting videos. Many of the people at the party last night were bloggers, and vloggers,I enjoyed meeting all of them last night, and  I invite you to enjoy meeting them online.

Tkyo Sam-Sam's YouTube Channel.
Sam has a great grasp on Japanese culture. He is entirely American, and the juxposition of his personality and Japan is very amusing.

The Olden Youth
He is a natural path, who shares his his thoughts on Japan and wellness on his YouTube Channel

Kanto Kitsune
Follow this bloggers adventures in Tokyo. He'll tell you the price of your adventure, and what to expect.

After the party, it was too late to head all the way back home, the last train had already left. We drank more than enough, and were ready to keep our fun evening going, so we headed over to a nearby karaoke joint. Karaoke in Japan means a private room with your friends. Only one of the 6 of us could sing, unfortunately it wasn't me. We booked the red-eye special, which is basically what you do in Tokyo when you've missed the last train. It's cheaper than a hotel, and much more fun. We sang long into the night, until we were all too tired, and fell asleep. The karaoke staff called us 20 minutes before the first train departed, letting us know it was time to pay. We said goodbye to our new friends, and made our way to the drunk train.

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