Monday, November 26, 2012

My Birthday!

Today is my birthday!
Ben treated me to a special dinner of Yakiniku, which is like korean barbecue. The restaurant owners were really nice, and made me a special fried rice for my birthday with extra spice in it. Yakiniku is a full sensory type of experience, you feel the heat, smell the food cooking, hear the meat sizzling on the grill, see burning coals, and of coarse taste the food seared perfectly to your own preferences. You're doing most of the cooking, but it never feels like work. It reminds me of cooking over a campfire.

I baked Ben and I each a delicious chocolate cake, and we lit candles.

I was born on thanksgiving, and so I would like to spend a moment to give thanks.

Thank you Ben's grandma for the wonderful tatting, it really warms up our home. I also really like the ducky card, it makes me giggle every time I catch it in the corner of my eye.

Thank you Grandma for the hot water bottles and covers. I sleep great now that my feet are warm.

Thank you to Ben's parents for the beautiful scarf.

Thank you mom and dad for the new sweaters.

Thank you to all my family and friends who love and miss me while I am away. I am so lucky to have so many people in my life who are incredibly supportive, and who I know will love me even if I am far away. Thank you, to all you who find my blog interesting enough to keep coming back, you've done terrible things for my ego, and may never think my life is boring again. Thank you all very much! I love you!

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  1. Happy Birthday Katie. We made a pumpkin pie for your birthday here. Sorry we have to eat it without you. One quarter century young! Love you forever and for always. Mom.


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