Monday, November 12, 2012

Miss Fuji

Mt. Fuji is a woman, when you first set eyes on her, you will feel it to be true. She is stunning, poised, and aloof. All other mountains surrounding her pale in comparison. When you first see her, it will stun you. She is like no other mountain. Her symmetry is beyond comparison. The mountains surrounding her come to soft crests, and are abundant with life. Miss Fuji is cold. She has a beautiful cap of snow, which glitters and glistens in sunlight. Below her cap is barren land. Japans lands are generally teaming with life, so for her to forsake this common apparel sets her apart in a remarkable way.
Fuji Slinking out from Behind Another Mountain

Ben and I drove to Mt. Fuji on the 4th, many of the trees had already changed color, but none had yet dropped their leaves.  The first time I saw Mt. Fuji, it sent shivers up and down my spine. It is really foolish that we haven’t visited the mountain before; The journey only takes about an hour and a half. I don’t regret waiting until fall for our first true view of Mt. Fuji because seeing her slink into view from behind a mountain painted in red and gold was spectacular.

Of all the things I have seen in Japan, Mt. Fuji is the most spectacular. A picture will never do it justice. Just like countless artists, poets, and writers have been inspired by her, I am inspired. I feel as though my words fall short of anything worthy of this majestic mountain.

This is my favorite poem about Mt. Fuji:

The burning fire is
extinguished by the snow, while the falling
snow is melted by the fire

 Here are my favorite paintings of Mt. Fuji:

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