Monday, October 22, 2012


Our friend Wendy is moving back to the States. We met her here early on in our stay, the town brought us together by the assumption that all foreigners should know each other. Wendy is famous in town because she has been here for nearly 15 years... and she was on TV.

Wendy has an amazingly flexible face, which lends itself well to stupid human tricks, which is the crux of Japanese TV.

 Wendy is a joy to be around, she's really funny, and has greatly helped us out in town. She has taught us so much, and has passed on one trick that we will treasure for ever.
These are the things that make me so proud to be his wife!

We are very sad to see her go, but she has eased the pain by letting us borrow many house hold items. We now have an oven, a bread maker, a blender, and a heater. These make our lives so much more comfortable, and make our cooking so much better.

Take care in America! We will miss you Wendy!

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