Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Jet Lag

I'm still at the age where I can pull all nighters, and my body will forgive me. I have no internal sleep clock, and I can usually fall asleep on command, (waking up however usually requires Ben dragging me into the shower and me waking up half convinced I have become a mermaid).
This all adds up to me having no jet lag.
I do have to recuperate the day after a flight. Flying is bad for you, the bags under your eyes, the teenage acne that magically shows up even on the shortest fights, and feeling like a 80 year old arthritic cow are horrible. I can sleep on an airplane, in fact I usually fall asleep before taking off, and wake up during landing, but I don't sleep well. Airplane seats are specifically designed for something, but not for comfort, even when fully reclined the chairs still feel awkwardly vertical. If I didn't love visiting new destinations so much, there would be nothing that could get me in one of those painfully expensive torture devices, but I love to travel.

That all being said Ben and I had the most pleasant international flight of our lives. Malaysian Air is an outstanding airline. Korean Air, which we took to Japan on our first trip, is also outstanding, they have the best customer service of any airline I have ever experienced, and somehow as your leaving feeling sore and exhausted, they somehow convince you with their beautiful smiles and polite  chant of "thank you, come again" that you actually enjoyed the last 10 hours of torment. I would say that Korean Air was my favorite Airline, except for Ben and my flight on Malaysian Air was outstanding. The stewardesses wear beautiful outfits, that are exotic yet professional. They are polite, and accommodating. The best part however is the seats, they recline more then most airplanes, they feel bigger, they are designed well so that you can actually move your legs, and they have these bendable head rests that can be moved so that you can lean your head to the side, preventing a sore neck during sleep. The whole experience was particularly lovely, and I highly recommend Malaysian Air to anyone flying to asia.

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  1. Glad to hear it was a good trip! I'll have to keep Malaysian Air in mind..
    Have a great time back, can't wait for more updates! <3


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