Monday, August 27, 2012


Ben and I live the Yamanashi prefecture. Yamanashi prefecture is famous for its grapes, and we are in the midst of grape season. Ben and I are in a purple heaven. The grapes here are very different then the grapes we buy back home, and I am grateful for it, they are about half the size, and 4 times the flavor. The bunches look beautiful, and I feel like a Greek god every time I eat them.
Ben and I bought ourselves a 1 kilo crate last Thursday, and are ready to buy another. We, especially I, have eaten a ridiculous amount of grapes.
Today I learned that Japanese people do not eat the grape skins. Japanese grapes have thick skins, so it is as simple as squeezing the grapes to pop out the sweet innards. They thought it was hilarious that I ate all of my skins, and were in stitches about the force it would come out my other end. Japanese are surprisingly vocal about constipation and diarrhea.
I really like the taste and the texture of the skin, so I will continue to eat the skins, but I do like making a bowl full of skinless grapes and slurping. I also like freezing the skinless grapes and eating them like giant dip-n-dots.

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