Thursday, July 12, 2012


 "Can you eat Natto?"
I hear this question so often it makes my skin itch. In Japanese english speaking culture they ask can you eat something, not do you like something. Unless you are allergic to Soy, you can eat Natto, but most foreigners don't like it. In fact the first time Ben ate it he gagged. He hates the stuff.
Natto is fermented soy beans. It is sticky, and when you eat it little stretchy strings form and goo (think of melted cheese on pizza). It smells like ripe cheese, and has a very unique flavor.I decided that I was going to eat natto because of all the health benefits.
Some of the verified health benefits are:
High in Vitamin K-Important for the growth of bone, and prevention of osteoporosis.
Linked to the prevention of clots, and thrombosis.
Assists in allergy recovery.
Lowers Cholesterol.

I really like natto now. I've developed a taste for it. I like to put mayonaise,  egg,  green onions, or sriracha sauce in it. I eat a little cup of it everyday. Japanese food is very constipating, so eating natto helps...move things along. Ben still looks at me like I've sprouted antennae every time I eat it, I'll convert him eventually.


  1. Maybe you can convert the Japanese from white rice to whole grain rice!

  2. maybe you can convert pigs into a more aerial species.

  3. Katie, You look like you are having a great time. Your stories bring back many great memories for me and Virginia. Japan is great and if you decide to stay a second year you will never regret it. You clearly have your dad's knack for food, cooking, and trying everything.

    Ganbatte and ki o tsukette

    mata, dave

    1. Dave!
      I'm so glad to here from you. I regret not getting some tips before leaving, I've been learning everything the hard way. I would love to hear your great memories!


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