Saturday, July 28, 2012

Feeling Awesome

Today happened on accident. And it was an awesome happy accident.
It has been brain meltingly hot, and Ben and my air conditioner is pathetic and can barely cool one of our rooms to the point of near comfort.
Our one and only thought as to what we wanted to do today was we wanted to be in air conditioning. So we went to Shinjuku, which is basically a mini city of malls. It was the perfect choice.
We arrived in Shinjuku at around lunch time, and we repeated an old favorite meal there, smoked ramen. It was even better than we remembered, which started our day on a high note.

It is the end of the month, and Ben and I are both 24 years old, which means we have (almost) no money. So we weren't so much shopping as just appreciating Japan (and AC).

I did end up buying a pair of shorts, partially because the heat lately has turned me into a nearly nudist zombie. Now that I am on vacation I pick my outfits almost solely how cool they will keep me. I also bought the shorts because I am finally to the point in my weight loss journey where I look at myself in the mirror and think "Yeah Katie, you can turn a few heads today".

Ben also got something... but before I tell you what he got I want to preface it. Ben and I are both fresh out of college, and to us that means we're now grown ups. More "grown up" grown ups seam to disagree with us, and still treat us like kids, but we feel pretty grown up now. With Ben's transition to adulthood has come a change in wardrobe, worn out band T-Shirts have been replaced with button ups, and torn up jeans have been replaced by much (much...wink) more flattering pants. Japanese men actually pay attention to how they look, and Ben has been highly influenced by this. His wardrobe has also been reenforced by the fact that people in our town frequently tell him how handsome he is, which I wholeheartedly agree with. So as a symbol of feeling mature and studly, he bought himself a murse.

Ben and I are lucky that we went to Shinjuku today because we came upon a festival. It was fun.  It started out as mostly just cute kids doing parades and dances, but transitioned into old people (and Ben) doing odd dances. It was outstandingly fun.
Ben and I felt really awesome today, and glad to be in Japan.

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