Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Pan is the Japanese term for bread, An is red bean paste, Anpan is bread filled with red bean paste, and Anpanman is....
A super hero who's head is made out of Anpan. 
He is the main character of one the most popular children's shows here in Japan. 

The story of Anpanman:
One day Uncle Jam was baking Anpan, when a shooting star came down from the heavens into his oven. The magic of the situation created Anpanman.  He is very kind, and he always tries to help the people around him. If someone is hurt or hungry, Anpanman will offer them a piece of his head. Anpanman's weaknesses are water or anything that makes him dirty. If Anpanman gets dirty, or hurt Uncle Jam bakes him a new head. Once the new head is placed upon his shoulders, the old head flies off his shoulders, and Anpanman is revitalized. 
Anpanman and his nemesis Bakinman 
Anpanman's nemesis is Bakinman (Bacteria man), his goal is to beat Anpanman and spread disease all over the world. He usually is portrayed as a mischievous bully. 

Nearly all the characters on the show are made of some sort of food. The show is very sweet, even as an adult I spend many evenings rooting for Anpanman. The stories are cute, and the characters are good role models for children. I like to watch the show, because it is my level of Japanese. 

All my students know and love Anpanman. The younger kids wear Anpanman T-Shirts, and have Anpanman backpacks. Nearly anything worth buying in Japan can be found in a plain version, a Hello Kitty version, and an Anpanman version.


  1. July 21 is an open house of my institute.
    Visited kids and you may enjoy to see the Anpanman in a microscope. Diameter of the face is about 0.5mm!


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