Monday, April 2, 2012

Bed and a Social Experiment

We bought our bed today. It's gonna be great! it was only a little more expensive then a futon, but it's about 4 inches thick! Ben and I, in the process, inadvertently became the subjects of an interesting social experiment.
A queen size mattress is a cumbersome object, even if you are clever enough to have folded into thirds and tied it very securely. Bringing home an object of that size using only public transportation is awkward, and this is not the place for awkward situations. I'm not exactly sure what social rules we broke were, but we shattered them. At home, it is humorous to watch to people carry a large cumbersome object home, you empathize, and hope they don't have far. Here it is apparently a very rude practice. We understood that taking up that much room (during rush hour) was annoying. I was shocked however by how offended people were by us walking down the sidewalk on our way home. People reacted similarly to how people at home would react to someone not wearing pants. Most of them tried not to look, they would avert their eyes and just ignore the situation. The older women would huff, and outwardly show their distain for us. I feel a little guilty, but we needed a bed, and this was our chance.

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